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Grace Charity Foundation was started by Jinsoo Kim, who was the founder and CEO of ISI (Image Solutions, Inc.)

He was born as the son of a poor farmer. He overcame many challenges by hard work and the blessing of God. When he was a child, he set his own barriers. When he became a Christian during high school, however he started to break down his barriers. He started believing that if God was with him, he could do anything with God’s help.

He moved to the US from Korea when he was 30 years old. He finished with a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology within 3 semesters. He found his first job in the US as a computer programmer at a small company with only 10 employees. After 5 years of working in the US, in 1992, he founded ISI in his home office with himself as the only employee.

Within 18 years, his business grew into a 450 employee, international company. ISI became a global leader in the life science industry of electronic regulatory submission. The company set Integrity, Satisfaction, and Innovation as its core value, and kept these values throughout the company’s existence. He committed to donate 10% of the company’s net profit to charitable organizations. In December of 2010, he finished his first entrepreneurship by merging his company with CSC (Computer Science Corporation).

He established Grace Charity Foundation to share his success. The major focuses of the foundation are education and Christian missions.  Through this organization, he hopes to help people like himself by breaking down their barriers.


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